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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Adit Tours for the best travel experience. We take all efforts to ensure that you have a warm and a delightful holiday experience. We devote keen attention to every minute detail of your tour. At the same time, we request you to read and follow the below Terms and Conditions so as to avoid any misunderstanding and ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable tour. To keep things transparent, each and everything has been defined clearly and in an understandable language.
-    Adit Tours is an initiative of Adit Malik Solution Pvt. Ltd. which also includes all of its other brands and divisions.
-    The information and content given on this website are the property of and using this information are strictly prohibited.
-    The meaning of word Guest’s encapsulates the total number of people/tourists that have registered their names and have also booked the tour by doing the full payment for their Indian/world tours organized by the company Adit Tours. Each and every person part of a tour will come under the name guests.
-    Tours mean any national or international tour organized by the company Adit Tours.
-    The first day can start at any time of a day i.e. morning/afternoon/evening depending on the arrival of train/flight/cruise or any other mode of transport. The same meaning will be applicable for last day of the tour too.
-    Company does not bear any kind of obligation in situations that are not under reasonable control of the company , such as –
-    War, hostile invasion, Act of foreign enemies;
-    Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection or Military or Usurped power or civil war;
-    Epidemic, explosion, fire, flood, earthquake or other exceptional natural calamity and act of God;
-    Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly;
-    Riot, commotion or disorder;
-    Any act or omission of any Government instrumentality;
-    A Change in Legal Requirements;
-    Strikes, lock outs or other industrial disturbances; & abnormal weather or sea conditions including tempest, lightning, hurricane, typhoon, rain & temperatures.
-    Extra mattress and extra bed – In case of domestic tours extra roll away mattresses will be provided and in international tour the tourist will be entitled for extra bed.
-    Company does not bear any responsiblity for any delays & alterations in the programme directly or indirectly – due to natural hazards, accident, flight cancellations, breakdown of transport, machinery or equipments, landslides, sickness, weather, political closures or any other untoward incidents.

User Agreement

The use of this website is only for those who have a legal contract with the company under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. According to the meaning mentioned within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, people “incompetent to contract” including infirm, undercharged solvents, minors, are not eligible to use this Website. 
Also, the company logo and name is subject to copyright act and cannot be copied without the permission of company or entering into any legal contract with the company. 
Policies on offered services.
Our user agreement explains what customers are legally entitled to or can expect from us when they will buy any tour and travel related service from us. The used terms like “our”, “us”, and “we” refers to Adit Tours and the term “you” only refers to the customer or visitor who visits on our website or our office to book any travel related service.
Being a travel company we sell many travel related products and work in coordination with various independent suppliers for booking hotels, transport, food etc. Each supplier has its own terms and conditions. In addition to our general terms and policies, their terms and policies are applicable to your particular agreement and arrangements.
 As the airline/train/cruise/bus or any other mode of transportations and fuel surcharges, fluctuations in foreign exchange markets, and taxes are subject to price hikes, extra charges may be charged after the date of final tour bookings and payments. 
Whenever required we electronically send documents to our customers. In case you need a hard copy, an administration fee can be charged from you.

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