Adit Tours is a leading travelling company in India and being repudiated well in the market, it is well-known the importance of crucial information. We maintain trust and security in our deals and expect the same from users. 

We offer great values to users. Single negligence can cause a big loss. So, while using the services of Adit Tours, you must agree to our terms, conditions, and privacy policy. 

Right reservation:

All rights are reserved by Adit Tours for the published content and services provided. Materials on the site are restricted to following:

  • Content should not be downloaded, copied and pasted, and distributed anywhere else.
  • Not alteration or modification can be made without permission of Adit Tours.
  • Content and material distributions are strictly prohibited for use of commercial purpose.
  • Photographs, images, pricing and other such items are solely provided by Adit Tours and the same is not available for commercial usages by others.

As the site is maintained and controlled by Adit Tours, all the rights are retained in its hands only. Moreover, the site is having its copyright and the clauses of the act are applying on the same. Any violation of right or copyright will lead to a legal action. Adit Tours can sustain a claim for the same. All settlements are governed by the Jurisdictional high court. 

Also, if there is found any illegal activity, it would be the clear violation of our policy. 

Our privacy policy:

Our privacy policies are all about how we deal and what we do with the information. It reveals all ideas about our information management and handling system along with the security of users.

Need and type of information collected:

Our site collects information as soon as you register yourself to our site. Free browsing facility does not require any information. We require your legitimate email ID, phone number, date of birth and such required information that are necessary to sign up. While make you purchase, we require address, and debit or credit card number only. This is our mode of collecting information of users. 

Being as the most trustworthy tour and Travel Company, we do not demand any financial information unless and until you are ready to book the ticket or purchase something and make payment. We keep record of all users and store the same in our database, but there is no means where we use it without any relevant reason and without prior permission.

How we collect information?

There are different modes from where we collect information of users and use it for the better travelling experience. Our means of information collection are:

  • At the time of registration: When a visitor converts self into a user, he or she needs to register or sign up on the site with a valid password. Here, we get email address, username, contact number, age and gender.
  • At the time making payment: While making a purchase from the site or booking payment, a section of online payment arrives. Here, we take the information of debit or credit card or other means of payment.
  • Personal preferences: For luxury and personal desired traveling services, we request our clients to disclose their needs and requirements.
  • Sweepstakes: Offering great deals to win jackpot, our site deliver sponsored content. We collect some information here through surveys and also verify information that is already furnished by users.
  • Feedback: While taking feedbacks from our users, we request to fill an online or offline form. Through which, we collect few suggestion and complaints of users and work on the same. 

Sensitive information

  • Adit Tours also collect some crucial and sensitive information related to health, criminal record, nationality, religion and much more. Only reason for taking such information in some cases is for a healthy travel and knowing personal preferences for traveling. We take such information only when it is relevant to the better travelling services and for insurance cover purpose too. 
  • Some information is gathered to incorporate the personal preferences of clients like interest in specific areas, accommodation facility, luxury hotels and other. We have standardized security measures, and all your information is protected and secret with us.

Where and how we use information?

We collect information for the primary purposes, without it, we will not be able to complete the transaction and enhance security. Your information is secure as we are abode by non-disclosure agreement for the same. Following are the major areas where we use such information:

  • For making tickets or booking on your behalf
  • To ensure reliability of the person
  • For making any purchase from our platform
  • To take count for users for administrative purpose
  • For sending promotional messages and offers
  • Response appropriately for the services requested
  • To make an analysis or for statistical  purpose only

This way, we take your consent to use, store, and share such information as and when required for the sake of you only. We respect your consent and assure you for not using the same for any unlawful purpose. 

Information confidentiality agreement:

All information shared by our customers or clients whether it is personal or non-personal is subject to information confidentiality agreement. With this clause, we are entering into an agreement with all clients to keep their information secure and confidential. No data is revealed without prior permission of customers. As we are acting as agents, we have to furnish some information to operators, hotels, and similar other engagements to use for lawful means only.

We do not sell any information to the third party for any purpose. In our disclosure practices, it is clearly mentioned that we do not trade information and violation of the same would result into legal customs. The information is only provided to the third party if the same is required by law. Any non-disclosure or confidential agreement is subject to change from time to time and cannot go beyond any law of the country. 

Option to edit or update your information:

Our customers are free to edit, remove, alter, modify or update any information provided by them while registering themselves. Any false information may lead to reporting or flagging as being the registered member. We take every reasonable step to verify that information provided by users is correct and up to date. 

Our customer care services are also available to help you in updating your information timely. Also, you can withdraw any time from being registered member for a longer period. Access to your account and information is easy with the Adit Tours. 

How we safeguard your information?

Apart from information confidentiality arrangement and non-disclosure agreement, our company-level set standards safeguard information. To accomplish the safety commitments, we keep security not only at the web level but also at the administrative level. We have physical, administrative, and technical security at every stage to prevent the unauthorised access. Only our authenticated employees can access information after multistep verifications. Along with the using encrypted system, our strict multi-layer firewall detects intrusions while transmitting and feeding information into the database.

Use unsubscribes option:

Adit Tours send emails, messages of offers for the promotional purpose. If it is annoying for you, use unsubscribes option for not getting such campaigning content in future. All register members can go and check their setting for notification, pop-ups and newsletters, and email campaigns. For your convenience, you can make it weekly or monthly updates. 

You can make yourself DND from our marketing communication messages for cheap fares or discounted travel for any area or other similar promotional content. With just a few clicks, you can opt-out from our promotional or marketing emails. 

Tailored advertising: 

Adit Tours is duly indulged in providing you information for your requisitions. Some of our affiliated marketing advertisements may seek some information to provide you the services at the discounted prices or cheap rates. But we do not allow them to take your personal information; we just show the posts to you as the advertisement for your interest and make good deals. If you are looking for lower travel fare or cheap airlines, these tailored advertisements can help you amazingly as we show only relevant content and trustworthy information.  

Technology and cookies:

To enhance the user experience, Adit Tours uses cookies and other technologies. This small file keeps space in your browser. It collects information from domain, host and IP address of the user. These tracking technologies are trusted and do not steal any financial information from your servers. There is an option to use our services anonymously or without cookies. 

Change in the privacy policy and terms

We update our policy periodically as and when needed. Any change in the privacy policy, terms and conditions are intimated to all registered users. All new members are required to read the same on site for better understanding. We and our users both abide by the privacy policy. 

Complaints and feedback:

You can directly contact us if there is any issue in use of your personal information. We assure the resolution of the complaint within the certain time. Also, you can mention your problems with our booking or any other thing in the feedback section.

Contact Adit Tours

If there is any confusion about any privacy clause or any query relating to information circulation, you may contact Adit Tours.