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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to become a registered member of the site and how to change the registered email ID?

How can I book my ticket with the Adittours? Will it allow me to book tickets for international tours?

What documents do I need to submit for booking tickets? What modes of payment do you accept for making bookings?

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

Do I need to book through agents, otherwise, how can I book a round tour online?

Is my personal information safe to share with Adittours?

When and how will I get the confirmation of my booking?

What kinds of trips and tours are provided by Adittours?

Which type of food I will be provided during travel?

I have some medical requirements; will I get required treatment in case I got any suffering while travelling?

Will I get any travel insurance while booking?

What should I do if I lost my travel ticket?

What other facilities I will get by booking my trip with the Adittours?

How can I entertain the best deals on Adittours for domestic as well as international trips?

I have deducted charges two times for my single booking, what do I need to do now?

How will I get information about special holiday packages?

Can I get assurance of the lowest flight ticket booking from Adittours or I need to compare from different travel websites?

Will I get renting cars and hotel booking services in my weekend or holiday packages?

I don’t want to give my payment card details online, how can I book a ticket with Adittours without sharing such information?

If I choose a package on your platform, do I have to pay any extra bucks for other services? Is there any hidden cost?

Guests are specially requested to read the terms and conditions as mentioned on the website/brochure and booking form. It shall be presumed that the guest has read/understood and accepted all the terms and conditions and accepted the same.