What we do & how we do.

Adit Tours is committed to provide the best traveling solution and a hassle-free trip across the globe under one web platform. Not only booking is simper but travel is well-managed. After years of market research, the travel experts come with the customized packages, hot deals for airlines, vivid holiday destinations, discounted booking offers and much more to cater worldwide audience. 

Our facilities are the synonym for comfort and relaxation. Apart from good monetary deals, we do not compromise with your comfort. You will feel like to zonk out with such comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable journey. Last minute ticket booking and cancellation is quite easy with us without worrying about the cost as we do not charge extra for emergency bookings and deduct very less in the case of cancellation.

We offer an array of hotel chains, Villas, and resorts according to your choices of stay. Pre-booking of buses and cars for sightseeing and enjoying the different locations in the shortest span of time are also available. We accept all payment methods and international currencies. Also, we are easily approachable and open to any query. Our customer support is available 24 by 7. 

Don’t ever miss your trip; just join Adit tours to turn your dream trip into a realistic adventure at the industry best prices. We guarantee leisure journey with plenty of facilities and ensure safety. 

Group Tours

  • Let us kick in the bigger level fun by availing cheaper group holiday trips with friends and family to the desired destination!
  • We arrange Indian as well as global tours for friends and family that do not create a hole in the pocket. For larger groups, we have special features and facilities to offer the comfort of the journey. 
  • In our group tours, we not only entertain friends and family trip but also keep the separate quota of groups of women, students, professionals, couples, and senior citizens.
  • We provide friendly services to our clients and highly appreciated for furnishing the fullest satisfied tours by our customers.

Inbound holidays

  • Explore your destination areas intensely with us without paying extra bucks!
  • Yes, we not only plan your holiday trip but also make it amazing by revealing every part of its culture, history, religion, specific foods and everything that makes you feel super excited in the journey.
  • The perfect blend of traditionalism and modernity, India is one of the most visited countries having rich history and secularism. We offer the best deals to visit India and explore it to global tourists along with their chosen hotels and facilities.
  • It is worth to spend every penny in our different inbound holiday packages and explore incredible India. Get in touch with us to know more about upcoming inbound holiday trips and know the real India.

Signature Holidays

  • Let us plan your signature holidays as per personal preferences at the minimum possible cost!
  • We are readily available for the customised journey.
  • We have come up with the list of innovative and off-beat holiday destinations at the least possible cost.
  • Our travel professionals are available to answer all your queries regarding top hotels, luxury villas, yacht holidays, adventurous locations and much more. Amazingly, the plan, date, and trip will be yours, just reveal your personal preferences and keep rest upon us to manage the same in your way.

Corporate level

  • Well aware of the industry demands, we are constantly working on providing the most relaxing journey along with all facilities.
  • We believe in the enhanced user experience every time they are facilitated with our bookings.
  • We take the feedbacks seriously and try to resolve the problem, if any, faced by our customers.